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TPU Film

Top TPU Film Manufacturer in China - Best Quality & Competitive Prices

Top TPU film manufacturer in China offering the best quality products at competitive prices. Our cutting-edge manufacturing processes ensure top-notch performance and durability. Experience excellence with our range of TPU films designed to meet your needs.

TPU Film

Introduction of Hengning TPU Film

Henning TPU Film is a new, versatile product for packaging and industrial use.
• Made from thermoplastic polyurethane, it offers increased strength and durability.
• Resistant to abrasion, tearing, and puncturing, it provides reliable protection during storage and transit.
• Suitable for diverse applications, including food packaging, consumer goods, and automotive components.
• Produced using a specialized manufacturing process for consistent high performance.
• Offers a unique combination of exceptional qualities and cost-effective efficiency.
• An intelligent investment for businesses looking to improve their operations.
• For inquiries or more information on how Henning TPU Film can benefit your enterprise, please get in touch with our customer service.

TPU Film for sale

Discover premium TPU Films for sale by Hengning, ideal for diverse applications. Reach out for details or to make your order today.

Henning/TPU Film Roll - Advanced Packaging Solution

Henning/TPU Film Roll is a cutting-edge solution for durable and adaptable packaging.
• Made from premium TPU, it offers tear resistance and puncture strength for protecting sensitive items during transportation.
• It is transparent, allowing visibility into packaged items without altering the package.
• The film is chemically resilient and can withstand various solvents and elements encountered in manufacturing and logistics environments.
• Compatible with different packaging machinery, it comes in various widths and lengths to meet diverse needs.
• Environmentally friendly, the film is fully recyclable and free of harmful substances.
• A smart choice for comprehensive protection and sustainability.

Henning/TPU Film Roll - Advanced Packaging Solution
Breathable Tpu Film
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Breathable Tpu Film

Henning/Breathable TPU Film: a cutting-edge solution for enhanced breathability and robust protection

• Constructed from high-caliber thermoplastic polyurethane for durability and adaptability

• Promotes transfer of air and moisture, suitable for various industries including medical, fashion, and sporting goods

• Waterproof and tear-resistant for enduring protection in rigorous use

• Ideal for applications requiring suppleness and resilience

• Delivers superior breathability with essential protection.

Henning/Clear TPU Film

The Henning/Clear TPU Film serves as a protective shield tailored for electronic gadgets. Crafted from advanced thermoplastic polyurethane, it strikes a perfect balance between resilience and flexibility, guaranteeing devices are shielded from common wear like scratches and dust without compromising their sleek design or touch sensitivity. Its transparent nature maintains the device’s original aesthetics, while its simple application method ensures a smooth, bubble-free finish on a range of electronics, from smartphones to laptops. Henning/Clear TPU Film is a top-tier solution that offers not only protection and crystal-clear clarity but also an effortless user experience.

Clear Tpu Film
Flexible Tpu Film

Flexible Tpu Film

Hengning/Flexible TPU Film is a highly advanced and adaptable material for packaging and protective film applications.

• Made from premium thermoplastic polyurethane, it offers pliability and strength for optimal product defense.

• It resists tears and punctures, ensuring the integrity of items during transit and handling.

• This film is fully recyclable without emitting harmful toxins, making it suitable for environmentally-conscious businesses.

• Its electrical insulation properties make it ideal for industries dealing with sensitive electronic components.

• It has a wide range of applications in automotive, medical, and electronics sectors.

• Choosing Hengning/Flexible TPU Film means integrating superior protection while being environmentally responsible.

• It promises enhanced performance and sustainability for various industrial uses.

Polyester Tpu Film

Premium quality Hengning/Polyester Tpu Film for industrial and commercial applications

• Demonstrates excellent strength, durability, and flexibility

• Highly resistant to abrasion, tearing, punctures, and UV damage

• Suitable for use in protective clothing, medical devices, and inflatable products

• Superior bonding properties allow for easy adhesion on diverse surfaces

• Produced with meticulous precision and strict quality controls

• Optimal choice for enhancing industrial production due to its reliable quality and adaptable performance

Polyester Tpu Film
Polyether Tpu Film

Polyether Tpu Film

Hengning/Polyether Tpu Film is a high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane product known for its robust mechanical properties and chemical resistance.

• Ideal for applications requiring flexibility, such as frequent movement or stretching, due to its superior elongation capabilities.

• Possesses significant tear resistance, contributing to its longevity and suitability in strenuous conditions.

• Resistant to oils, grease, solvents, and abrasion, making it practical for industrial settings.

• Retains characteristics in low temperatures for adaptability in different environments.

• Crafted for precision and performance.

• Applications span from electronics protection to sports equipment enhancement.

• Suitable for projects demanding strength and versatility.

• Contact provider for array of polyether film solutions.

Polyurethane film, a plastic material widely employed across diverse applications, owes its popularity to its exceptional properties and adaptability. The term "polyurethane" denotes a class of polymers derived from isocyanates and polyols. Conversely, "film" represents a sleek, thin layer of material primarily utilized for safeguarding or embellishment purposes.
Why purchase TPU Film from us

Why purchase TPU Film from us

High flexibility, strength, and resistance to various substances make TPU Film widely applicable in automotive, medical, textiles, and consumer products sectors.

• Our TPU Film stands out for its consistent thickness and mechanical properties, achieved through the use of advanced production techniques and high-grade resins.

• We offer customization options such as aliphatic, aromatic, and polyether-based film variants in different thicknesses, widths, colors, and textures to meet diverse industry needs.

• Our technical experts provide support for material selection and processing to ensure efficient application of TPU Film in various projects.

• Our production process aligns with environmental and safety standards for regulatory compliance in industries like medical devices. We prioritize sustainable materials and practices to minimize our environmental impact.

• With a reliable supply chain and logistics system, we guarantee timely global delivery of TPU Film while maintaining order integrity and adherence to delivery schedules.

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TPU film is a versatile material used in various industries due to its elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil and abrasion. This summary highlights its applications from automotive overlays to textile barriers, emphasizing its role in enhancing product durability and functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about TPU Film

Q: What is TPU film and how does a polyurethane film manufacturer contribute to its production?

A: TPU film, or thermoplastic polyurethane film, is a versatile substrate that exhibits high resistance, unique performance characteristics, and flexibility. A polyurethane film manufacturer plays a crucial role in producing these films by catering to customers’ needs, offering a variety of thin gauge substrates, and ensuring the films meet specific application requirements. They utilize advanced technologies to produce both aromatic and aliphatic TPU films for a wide variety of applications.

Q: What are the differences between aliphatic TPU and polyester TPU films?

A: Aliphatic TPU films are known for their excellent optical clarity and resistance to yellowing under UV exposure, making them ideal for applications where long-term clarity is critical. On the other hand, polyester TPU films, which can be based on aromatic or aliphatic polyester, offer higher chemical resistance and toughness. They are preferred for applications requiring high strength and durability. Both types serve different purposes based on their unique performance characteristics.

Q: How does polyether TPU differ from traditional polyurethane products?

A: Polyether TPU is a subclass of polyurethane that provides superior hydrolysis resistance, microbial resistance, and flexibility at low temperatures compared to traditional polyurethane products. Its molecular structure makes it more resistant to water and less prone to degradation, making polyether TPU an ideal choice for applications in wet or humid environments or where microbial growth could be a concern.

Q: Can polyurethane film be used for edge protection? What are its benefits?

A: Yes, polyurethane film is widely used for edge protection due to its excellent elongation properties, durability, and ability to conform to irregular shapes. It provides a protective barrier that is resistant to abrasions, tears, and punctures, effectively safeguarding various products and components during handling and transportation. The use of polyurethane film for edge protection ensures longevity and maintains the aesthetic appeal of items by preventing damage to edges and surfaces.

Q: How do manufacturers utilize ultrasonic technology in the production of polyurethane films?

A: Manufacturers use ultrasonic technology to weld or bond layers of polyurethane film without the need for adhesives, heat, or other conventional bonding methods. This method employs high-frequency ultrasonic waves to create a solid-state bond between films, enabling the production of multi-layer films with specific properties. Ultrasonic technology is especially useful in creating seamless joints, enhancing durability, and maintaining the integrity of films for various applications.

Q: What are the uses of TPU film in container liners and how does it benefit the transport industry?

A: TPU film is extensively used in the production of container liners due to its ability to offer a leak-proof and durable solution for the transportation of liquids, granules, and other materials. Its high resistance to punctures and tears ensures the safe and secure transport of goods, minimizing the risk of spillage and contamination. Moreover, TPU film liners are chemically inert, making them suitable for transporting a wide range of substances. This versatility and reliability benefit the transport industry by ensuring the integrity of transported materials and reducing losses due to damage.

Q: What role does the choice between aliphatic and aromatic TPU play in the end-use of polyurethane films?

A: The choice between aliphatic and aromatic TPU films largely depends on the specific requirements of the end-use application. Aliphatic TPU is chosen for applications where non-yellowing characteristics and optical clarity are paramount, such as in surface protection films and optical lenses. Aromatic TPU, whether in the form of polyester or polycaprolactone, is often selected for applications where strength, elasticity, and chemical resistance are more critical, such as in industrial hoses and automotive parts. The chemical classes of TPU directly impact the film’s performance, durability, and suitability for various applications.

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