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EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Web

EVA hot melt adhesive web is a thermoplastic adhesive with a composition of Ethylene- Vinyl-acetate. It is suited for bonding, compounding, and laminating fabric, paper, leather, metal, and polymer materials.

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EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Web

What is EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Web?

If you are looking for an efficient way to the bond, compound, and laminate various materials such as fabric, paper, leather, metal, or polymer, look no further than EVA hot melt adhesive web.

This thermoplastic adhesive is composed of Ethylene- Vinyl-acetate and has several advantages that make it ideal for various applications. Let’s take a closer look at what makes EVA hot melt adhesive web unique.

  • EVA hot melt adhesive web is a water-soluble adhesive that can be applied in liquid form or solid web.
  • It is also non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • Furthermore, it bonds quickly at low temperatures and provides excellent adhesion to many substrates without needing additional primers or coatings.
  • Another advantage of this type of adhesive is its flexibility; it can easily be applied to uneven surfaces without compromising its ability to hold firmly.
  • Lastly, it does not have pungent odors or irritating fumes, making it safer for use in environments where ventilation may not be optimal
  • The EVA hot melt adhesive web is suitable for many applications, including bookbinding, cardboard packaging, laminating fabrics, footwear manufacturing, and carpet assembly.
  • Its high tackiness and fast curing time make it ideal for applications where quick bonding is necessary.
  • This adhesive offers excellent strength and durability even under extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C to +80°C.

EVA hot melt web Technical Parameters

MaterialTypeWidth(mm)Weight(g/㎡)Melting Point(℃)Press Comdition

Creative Uses for EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Web

  • EVA Hot Melt adhesive web is a versatile, robust, cost-effective material used in many industries. Here are some creative uses for EVA Hot Melt adhesive web:
  • Make durable repairs to fabrics and upholstery with EVA hot melt adhesive web. It is waterproof and will last for years, even when exposed to outdoor elements.
  • Create custom stencils using EVA hot melt adhesive web – it’s easy to cut into any shape or design you need.
  • Give your shoes a new lease of life by applying EVA hot melt adhesive web to the sole – it’s long-lasting and very comfortable underfoot.
  • Turn ordinary objects into art pieces with EVA hot melt adhesive web – use it as a canvas for painting, drawing, or collage making!
Creative Uses for EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Web
How to select the best EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Web for your project?

How to select the best EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Web for your project?

Making sure you select the right EVA Hot Melt adhesive web for your project is critical to its success. Here are a few tips on how to make an informed choice:

  • Understand your project requirements and determine the necessary properties of the adhesive web, such as its durability, flexibility, adhesion strength, and application temperature.
  • Research the types of adhesives suitable for your project and decide which will suit your needs. Consider price, availability, and ease of use when deciding.
  • Test samples from different suppliers to compare performance, quality, and cost before making a final decision. Alternatively, consult experts to gain insights into which type of adhesive best suits your project.
  • Check customer reviews online to confirm that you have chosen the right product for your project.

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