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Hengning DTF Ink is a high-quality sublimation ink perfect for all printers. It produces vivid, long-lasting images and is formulated to provide excellent results on various substrates.

This ink is also fast-drying and odorless, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Plus, it`s available in black and cyan cartridges, so you can get the color you need for your project. Order your Hengning DTF Ink today!

Features of DTF Printer Ink

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DTF Printer Ink

What is DTF printer ink?

DTF (Direct Film) printer ink is a printing technology that uses special ink and film to create images with great clarity, precision, and detail.

The special ink used in this process is designed to transfer the image directly to the media without additional transfer methods like screen printing or vinyl cutting.

This makes it ideal for creating graphics that require extremely fine details, as well as for creating large areas of color. DTF printer ink is also more durable than traditional printing inks and can last up to 10 years when protected from UV light.

* For Further Details, Please Check out This Guide to DTF Printer Ink

Advantages of DTF Ink

♦ Produces high-quality prints with great clarity, precision, and detail.

♦ Does not require additional transfer methods like screen printing or
vinyl cutting.

♦ It can last up to 10 years when protected from UV light and other damage.

♦ Cost-effective solution for professional quality prints.

♦ Allows for easy customization of designs to fit your needs without needing costly redesigns or reprinting costs.

DTF ink
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Detailed technical parameters: DTF Ink

DTF (Direct To Film) ink is a specialized ink that prints directly onto transparent film. The inks are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications providing a vibrant, waterproof image that can last for several years without fading or cracking.

It contains various pigments to achieve desired colors, including CMYK, Pantone, metallic, and fluorescent variants.

DTF (Direct To Film) inks come in various sizes, ranging from 50ml bottles to 5-liter containers. The size and volume of the ink will depend on the nature of the job – for example;

smaller containers are usually more suitable for hobbyists. In contrast, larger containers are better suited for industrial applications that require large volumes of ink.

It also vary in viscosity and opacity; these characteristics can be adjusted depending on the project’s specific requirements.

Additionally, these products are designed with special colored pigments or additives to produce special effects. As a result, these specialized inks may come in different sizes than traditional DTF inks.

DTF (Direct To Film) inks are best suited for short-term projects or applications that require increased durability and visibility.

They are ideal for printing onto transparent films, such as poster boards, banners, and window displays, as their strong adhesive properties allow them to hold up against any weather conditions.

Additionally, the ink’s fast drying time means that prints can be completed quickly without waiting for long periods between layers. DTF inks are also extremely versatile and can be used on various surfaces, including paper, plastic, and glass.

Finally, their water-based formula makes DTF inks safe and easy to use with no mess or fumes.

DTF (Direct To Film) inks offer several advantages over traditional printing methods.

Firstly, they are incredibly versatile and can be used on almost any surface.

Additionally, the inks are specifically designed to retain their color and withstand UV rays, meaning prints will last much longer than other inks or decals.

Furthermore, their fast-drying formula makes them ideal for projects that require quick turnaround times.

Finally, the water-based formula of DTF inks means no mess or fumes are associated with its usage.

Hengning DTF Ink For Sale


Hengning 606 DTF Ink is a pigment-based ink designed with continuous inkjet printers.

It produces high-quality prints with excellent water resistance and color saturation.

The fast-drying formula minimizes the risk of smudging or smearing, making it ideal for printing graphics and photos. Plus, the low odor makes it a safer choice for indoor use. Order your supply of Hengning 606 DTF Ink today!

DTF ink
DTF Printer Ink


Hengning 806 DTF INK is a high-quality sublimation ink. It is designed for digital printing on all kinds of fabrics, especially polyester, and nylon. The inkjet prints are bright, vivid, and durable.

They won’t fade or crack even after multiple washes. What’s more, the ink is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

It meets all safety standards for use in home textile printing. With Hengning 806 DTF INK, you can print custom T-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, and more!


Hengning 906 DTF INK is a high-quality, reliable, and affordable ink that is perfect for use with your printer.

It produces crisp, clear text and images that are sure to impress. This ink is also smudge-resistant and fade-resistant, so you can be confident that your prints will last.

Order now to get this great ink at an amazing price!

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Applications of DTF Printer Ink

The rise of digital textile printing (DTP) has revolutionized the way businesses print fabrics. This cutting-edge technology allows companies to quickly and easily customize their products with photos, logos, text, and more. DTF printer inks are integral to this process, providing vibrant colors that last wash after wash. Here we look at some of the applications where can be used to create amazing results.

Custom Shirts

Custom Shirts

One of the most popular applications for this product is custom shirts. This process allows customers to choose any design they want and print it onto their shirts using high-quality inks. By using specialized software, companies can create a wide range of designs in minutes, allowing them to turn around orders quickly.

Custom Shirts

Printed Textiles

In addition to custom t-shirts, businesses can also use DTF printer ink to print onto other textiles. From cotton to polyester and even linen fabrics, DTF printing offers amazing color saturation that lasts for years with minimal fading or discoloration. With this technology, businesses can easily create custom uniforms or promotional products like bags and hats.

Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

When it comes to large format printing projects such as banners or signage, DTF printer inks are the perfect solution. These inks provide maximum quality on various surfaces while being easy to install and maintain over time. With its vibrant colors and durability, it’s no surprise that many businesses choose this type of ink for their projects.

Wallpaper Printing

Wallpaper Printing

Wallpaper printing is another application where DTF printer inks shine. Thanks to its unique properties, this type of ink have become increasingly popular for creating bespoke wallpaper designs that look incredible when installed on walls or ceilings. Whether personal photos or corporate branding, these inks will make your wallpaper stand out!

Cmyk Ink

A chocolate depositor machine is a specialized industrial equipment used to accurately dispense molten chocolate quickly and evenly into molds or onto confectionery items.

The depositor precisely regulates the pressure, temperature, and speed at which the chocolate is deposited, allowing for consistent results and improved productt quality. Chocolate depositors are used in large-scale manufacturing processes to produce cakes, chocolates, biscuits, and other items.

The Ultimate Guide to Cmyk Ink →

Cmyk Ink
DTF Ink for Epson

DTF Ink for Epson

Epson’s DTF ink is a revolutionary printing technology that lets users print beautiful and vibrant designs with rich colors and detail directly onto any fabric.

It is designed specifically to work with their digital textile printers, making it ideal for producing t-shirts, bags, hoodies, patchwork quilts, and more. It provides consistent results when combined with Epson’s precision color-matching technology.

With this technology, you can create unique products that stand out from the competition and make a bold statement. So get creative and let your imagination take over – what will you create?

DTF White Ink

A chocolate depositor machine is a specialized industrial equipment used to accurately dispense molten chocolate quickly and evenly into molds or onto confectionery items.

The depositor precisely regulates the pressure, temperature, and speed at which the chocolate is deposited, allowing for consistent results and improved productt quality. Chocolate depositors are used in large-scale manufacturing processes to produce cakes, chocolates, biscuits, and other items.

DTF White Ink
digital textile printing

DTF Pigment Ink

DTF Pigment Ink is a type of ink used in digital textile printing. It is made from pigments suspended in a liquid carrier and can produce vibrant and well-defined prints on fabric.

DTF Pigment Inks are considered more durable than others, allowing for sharper prints with colorfast properties.

Additionally, these inks are highly resistant to fading, making them an excellent choice for fabrics exposed to sunlight or washing machine cycles.

DTF Printer Ink -3

Why Choose Hengning DTF Ink

If you’re looking for the absolute best ink for your projects, look no further than Hengning. This premium ink offers unbeatable performance and quality with various vibrant colors.

It is highly durable and long-lasting, so you can feel confident that your work will last for years. Plus, it is easy to apply and clean up–saving you time and money.

With Hengning DTF Ink, you can create stunning art that will wow your audiences with its intense vibrancy and detail.

Professional Guide to DTF Printer Ink

What is the shelf life of industrial DTF Printer Ink?

Industrial DTF Printer Ink typically has a shelf life of one to two years when stored in ideal conditions.The temperature needs to remain at room temperature, and the ink should be kept away from direct sunlight and moisture to maintain maximum longevity.Additionally, if the industrial printer ink is kept for longer than two years, it may begin to degrade and become unusable over time.

Does industrial DTF Printer Ink require any specialized equipment to use?

Industrial DTF Printer Ink does not require any specialized equipment to use. It can be used with any regular inkjet printer and is easy to set up on both Mac and Windows computers.

Are there any health risks associated with using industrial DTF Printer Ink?

Using industrial digital-to-film (DTF) printer ink can be beneficial in many ways, but some health risks should be considered. Even though this type of printer ink is formulated to be safe and non-toxic, there are still potential dangers associated with its use. Here we will look at what they might be and how to reduce them.

The primary concern when using industrial DTF printer ink is the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are chemical compounds in many products and can pose serious health risks if inhaled or ingested. Some common VOCs in DTF printer ink include acetone, ethylbenzene, formaldehyde, and xylene. Long-term exposure to these chemicals can adversely affect the body, such as eye irritation, headaches, nausea, respiratory problems, and cancer.

In addition to the health risks associated with VOCs, there is also the risk of inhaling fine particles from the aerosolized ink. These tiny particles can enter your airway and lungs, causing breathing difficulties and triggering allergies or asthma attacks.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce the potential health risks associated with using industrial DTF printer ink. For starters, it’s important to ensure you’re working in a well-ventilated area so that any fumes from the ink don’t accumulate in an enclosed space. Additionally, wearing protective gear such as gloves and a respirator is highly recommended when using this type of ink for extended periods. Finally, minimize skin contact with the ink by regularly washing your hands after handling it.

Overall, industrial DTF printer ink has some potential health risks that shouldn’t be ignored or underestimated. However, by following safety protocols and taking extra precautions when handling this type of material, you can greatly reduce these risks while still reaping all its benefits.

What are the most common issues people experience when using Industrial DTF Printer ink?

People often experience the following issues when using Industrial DTF Printer ink:

  1. Poor color accuracy
  2. Low print quality
  3. Ink clogging
  4. Excessive moisture buildup
  5. High cost of inks and supplies
Can Industrial DTF printer ink be used on textiles as well as paper products?

It is possible to use industrial DTF printer inks on textiles and paper products. Some benefits of using this type of ink include increased durability, increased image quality, and reduced environmental impact.

The link can be used for various applications, including fabric printing, screen printing, sublimation printing, and more.

Additionally, the inks are formulated to resist fading and help maintain color vibrancy when exposed to high levels of sunlight or other harsh conditions.

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