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Hot Melt Adhesive Granule

Hengning is a professional Hot Melt Adhesive Granule supplier from china. We offer a wide range of products, including Polyolefin, EVA, SBS, etc. Our products are widely used in various industries, such as construction, automotive, packaging, etc.

With years of experience and expertise, we are confident in providing our clients with quality products and services. For more information about our products or services, please feel free to contact us. I appreciate your interest in Hengning!

Features of Hot Melt Adhesive Granule

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Hot Melt Glue Pellets

What is Hot Melt Glue Pellets?

Hot Melt Glue Pellets are small pellets made from hot melt adhesive, typically containing a wax-like, solid polymer.

These pellets can be melted and used for various purposes, including general repairs, product assembly, and more.

They are generally safe to work with and offer better adhesion than most other adhesives when applied correctly.

Hot Melt Glue Pellets Suppliers

If You’re Looking for Hot Melt Adhesive Pellets, then You’ve Come to the Right Place!

Hengning Has several Options That Are Sure to Meet Your Needs.

Applications of Hot Melt Adhesive Granule

These products are versatile materials used in various industries. These granules provide an excellent solution for various applications, from product assembly to insulation and packaging.

assemble products such as electronics

Product Assembly

Used to assemble electronics, furniture, automotive parts, and shoe uppers. The hot melts provide strength and durability without using screws or rivets.

medical supplies.

Bonding & Sealing

The strong bonds created with hot melt adhesive coatings make them ideal for sealing foods, liquid containers, and medical supplies. Hot melts also act as an effective barrier against water, dust, and other contaminants.

transported by trucks

Packaging Industry

As hot melt adhesives have good resistance to shock, vibration, and environmental changes, they are widely used in the packaging industry. They create tamper-resistant seals and protect packages from damage while transported by trucks or stored in warehouses.

wall cladding

Construction & Insulation

Hot melts are also increasingly used in construction processes like wall cladding, carpet laying, window frame installation, etc., and insulating pipes and ducts.

Why Choose Hengning Hot Melt Adhesive Film

Why Choose Hengning

Hengning Hot Melt Adhesive Granule is great for crafts, home repairs, and other projects. It has superior adhesion and comes in various colors to match any project.

The granules are safe and non-toxic, which makes them a perfect choice for homes and schools.

They are also easy to use and don’t require special tools or equipment. Furthermore, the hot melt adhesive can be used on paper, fabric, plastic, metal, wood, and more!

Professional Guide to Hot Melt Adhesive Granule

What are the benefits of using industrial hot melt adhesive granules?

*industrial hot melt adhesive granules are easy to use and require minimal preparation before application.
*They offer superior thermal stability and oxidation resistance, increasing their overall durability.
*Compared to traditional adhesives, such as glue or epoxy, industrial hot melt adhesive granules provide faster cure times.
*This adhesive forms strong bonds with various substrates, including plastic, metal, and rubber.
*The low viscosity of the substances means they spread evenly on surfaces for a professional finish.
*Due to the fast curing time and ease of application, industrial hot melts can reduce labor costs and increase productivity.

How is industrial hot melt adhesive granule different from other types of adhesives?

Industrial hot melt adhesive granule is an adhesive used in industrial applications. Unlike other adhesives, hot melt adhesives are heated to a specific temperature and applied in the molten form.

This type of adhesive provides a much stronger bond than other adhesive types and dries almost instantly after application.

Additionally, it resists water and humidity better than other adhesives, making it ideal for outdoor projects. Overall, hot melt adhesive granules offer greater strength and durability than traditional adhesives.

Is it safe to use industrial hot melt adhesive granules?

Yes, it is safe to use industrial hot melt adhesive granules. Hot melt adhesives are some of the most widely used in many industries because they are durable and can be applied quickly.

These types of adhesives must meet certain standards before they can be used and should always be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal safety.

How does industrial hot melt adhesive granule bond to substrates?

Industrial hot melt adhesive granule bonds to substrates via a chemical or physical reaction.

The adhesion is achieved through heat and pressure, which melts the adhesive and allows it to bond with the substrate surface.

This bond creates a strong connection that resists vibrations, shock, and impacts to ensure durability.

Are there any special considerations when using industrial hot melt adhesive granules?

Industrial hot melt adhesive granules are a versatile and cost-effective product used in many industrial applications. However, there are some important considerations to bear in mind when using them.

Different hot melts can be formulated for specific materials, so selecting the right type for the project is important.

Hot melts require temperature control during application. Too much heat can cause discoloration or other physical defects, while too little heat will result in poor bonding performance.

The nature of hot melts means that they must be worked quickly, as they tend to solidify quickly once applied. This requires precision and fast working speed to ensure good results.

Glue lines must be kept thin with hot melts – thicker lines can cause weakness and poor adhesion between surfaces.

Finally, properly cleaning surfaces before the application is essential for strong bonds with hot melts – any existing dirt or debris can interfere with adhesion and significantly reduce bond strength.

What temperature should I use when applying industrial hot melt adhesive granules?

Industrial hot melt adhesive is best applied at a temperature of 150°C-200°C. To ensure optimal performance, the adhesive should reach the upper end of this temperature range.

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